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Baidu to launch AI model soon

During one of the most well-known technology forums in China, Zhongguancun, Robin Li, CEO of Baidu, announced that a generative model of AI in large language (Large Language Model /LLM) will be officially launched by the company “very soon”. Called Ernie 3.5, the product will be responsible for feeding Ernie Bot, the company's ChatGPT version, also updating its entire search engine.

The announcement comes two months after the company launched Ernie Bot, its highly anticipated AI-based chatbot. The product is possibly one of the strongest rivals in China for ChatGPT, version of the American company OpenAI.

Since launch, however, Ernie Bot and other Baidu products powered by the company's LLM remain in test mode, with a select number of companies and users invited to try them out and provide feedback.

The public launch of the chatbot, which would have taken place at the end of March, was canceled by the company. According to a statement from Baidu at the time, the reason for the postponement would be the need for adjustments observed from the “strong demand” of 120,000 companies that signed up to test the bot.

Ernie Bot, China's ChatGPT Rival

Although it was presented as a strong rival for OpenAI, during its launch Ernie Bot received several criticisms, since the presentation had limited information and short demonstration videos (characteristic of those who wanted to rush the launch, since at the same time the OpenAI announced GPT-4).

It is worth remembering that it is not just the Chinese Baidu that is still in the AI ​​race. Alibaba, also from China, has been working on Tongyi Qianwen AI, an LLM aimed just at business users (for now). The company opened the product for testing in early April.

Source: Digital Look


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