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Google warns about technology market in Brazil

A study carried out by Google and released this Wednesday (31) showed that Brazil will have a deficit of 530,000 information technology (IT) professionals by 2025. The shortage comes amid growing demand and the absence of profiles with more experience, among other factors.


The Google report was produced in partnership with the Associação Brasileira de Startup (Abstartups) and indicated that, every year, about 53,000 IT professionals will graduate between 2021 and 2025. Although the number seems high, the demand for these professionals in the same period will be 800 thousand, according to the association of technology companies, Brasscom.


As for startups, the lack of professionals can even put them at risk of bankruptcy: the study found that 92% of participating startups believe that the lack of IT professionals has an impact on business.

What are the reasons?

Google consulted startups, executives and professionals in the field to understand the reasons for this deficit in the sector. Among the reasons listed are:

  • The lack of diversity and barriers for black people and women in the sector; Limitations for people from regions far from the center of Brazil;

  • Difficulty in getting the first job in the IT area makes young people look for other areas; Brazilian education is lagging behind in terms of logical thinking;

  • Brazilian IT market develops few senior professionals, corroborating with the deficit of people with experience;

  • The international market generally offers more attractive conditions, emptying the national market.

Areas with the greatest deficit

According to the Google study, the areas with the greatest talent deficit are information security, artificial intelligence, cloud architecture and IT organization. Automation, in that order. Source: Digital Look


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